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Changeworks Therapy helps you to create lasting emotional and physical change


We are specialists in anxiety.  If there is something that gets your heart racing or ties your stomach in knots then we want to hear about it.   We can help.  We are interested in anything that puts your body into that 'fight or flight' response:  Stress that causes you to eat more or worry about how you look,  anxious feelings that makes a physical health condition worse, stress in the workplace or anything that stops you from making the most of your life.  

We have unique expertise to help you create lasting change in how you think and feel.

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Hypnotherapy. Imagination work. Conversational Coaching. Somatic Experiencing. Emotional Intelligence. Body Work.
There is never just one way of looking at any issue. We combine our understanding to get the best results with our clients.
— Changeworks Therapy


After seeing Aisling the first time I left feeling hopeful that the way things had been in the past didnt have to stay that way forever
— Rebecca Martin
I struggled with IBS most of my life and after really understanding how these things are all connected after 4 sessions I can feel my digestive system settling down to normal again. I never would have believed that was possible.
— Caoimhe Luthers
I have been to counselling over the years for Anxiety and analysed and examined every detail of my life, but yet still didn’t feel any better. I felt I was stuck in the problem. Aisling looks at things very differently and helped build techniques & find solutions to help me move to where I wanted to go
— Laura Stewart, HR manager
I am 23 now but since I was in my teens I got locked into a horrible cycle of self-hatred, anxiety and overeating which led to bulimia. On the first day she helped me make so much sense of everything. I stopped feeling like a crazy and realised that I could take back control of my thoughts.
— Cara McDonagh, Physio



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