You can change how you feel. 


Therapy to help you leave the past behind and change how you think and feel.


I can help you create lasting change in how you feel. I specialise in:

  • Anxious feelings

  • Low mood

  • Low confidence & self-esteem

  • Making changes

  • IBS & other stress related health issues

I use many different tools to help my clients depending on what they need Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mindcoaching, Hypnotherapy, Coaching & Mindfulness.
— Aisling Cowan Changeworks Therapy
After seeing Aisling the first time I left feeling hopeful that the way things had been in the past didnt have to stay that way forever
— Rebecca Martin
I struggled with IBS most of my life and after really understanding how these things are all connected after 4 sessions I can feel my digestive system settling down to normal again. I never would have believed that was possible.
— Caoimhe Luthers
I have been to counselling over the years for Anxiety and analysed and examined every detail of my life, but yet still didn’t feel any better. I felt I was stuck in the problem. Aisling looks at things very differently and helped build techniques & find solutions to help me move to where I wanted to go
— Laura Stewart, HR manager
I am 23 now but since I was in my teens I got locked into a horrible cycle of self-hatred, anxiety and overeating which led to bulimia. On the first day she helped me make so much sense of everything. I stopped feeling like a crazy and realised that I could take back control of my thoughts.
— Cara McDonagh, Physio

Why choose Aisling?

✔ Confidential Mindcoaching that is tailored to each individual client

✔ Proven track record of helping people recover from Anxiety & emotional issues

✔ Focused on how to change rather than getting stuck in the past

Reasonable costs and limited number of sessions

✔ Based at a beautiful wellness clinic in Belfast





Free phone consultation

Free 25min consultation

If you are considering some coaching sessions I will give you a free 25min phone consultation, so you have a chance to get to know me and to decide if this type of therapy is for you. 

This chat will be casual & relaxed at a time that suits you. You can tell me a bit about the problem or issues you want to change and I will explain my approach. 

If you decide it's a good match and that you want take it further we can set up a face to face appointment in at the clinic that I work at in Belfast.

Contact me today to arrange your free consultation.