How do I book a consultation?

Get in touch with Aisling using the contact form and sending your details on or by calling the clinic she works who can make you an appointment.  We generally start with a face to face consultation which last about 1 hour and costs £55.00.  From there we make a plan and decide what to do, if you decide to do some Changework sessions with Aisling then we can sort out appointments and discuss costs of therapeutic sessions.   Changeworks Therapy can work with most standard issues within 3-5 core sessions.  Due to varying issues and life situations some clients will require more Changework and some will require less!

Who is Changeworks Therapy suitable for?

We work with anyone generally above the age of 10 (with parental attendance).  Changework is suitable for anyone who wants to change how they feel or how they react to something in their life.  No problem is too big or too small and if it matters to you, then it matters to us.

But I don't believe anyone would be able to help me

And if you believe this, then you will get to be correct!   We help people every day who have been through very difficult life experiences from many different backgrounds.  People contact us with a whole range of different issues and change their lives every day.  The techniques that we use are different, modern and effective and will help you create good results and change how you feel quickly.

 If I feel I am not the person to help you, I will help you find someone who can, or may suggest that you begin with one of the other therapists in the Changework team.  Sometimes when we are not ready to talk,  we start clients on a 'body level' first: Chiropracticreflexology, deep tissue massage, or Cranial Sacral therapy can be excellent for releasing stress from the body without having to put 'words on it.'  Nutritional Therapy can also be excellent for making sure your body is able to make the right neurotransmitters and hormones.  We will begin at the level that is right for you.

What techniques do you use at Changeworks?

Part of how effective our work is is because we are always changing what we do.   

We never do a box ticking exercise we vary what we do depending on the need that is in front of us..

All of our sessions are unique, flexible and individual.  Techniques we use vary but we use Humanistic Neuro-lingustic programming, Hypnotherapy or Imagination work, body reading, Conversational coaching, Faster EFT and we keep up to date with the latest ideas and teach them to our clients.

But surely talking therapies take years to make any difference?

When things stay the same, they stagnate.  Like all areas where a lot of thought has been applied, there has been huge advancements in the area of science, technology and communications over these past 20 years.  There has also been great progress in the the area of modern Psychology or 'Changework', Psychotherapy and Neuroscience which have discovered and taught many better ways of working with unwanted emotional states, stress and trauma.  Seeking help for particular issues no longer has to mean years of therapy, but just being willing to try something different.  This is not counselling.

Rather than trying to apply logic to feelings, everything we do at Changeworks is directed at the Unconscious processing and this is why we get results faster than conventional treatment.  


haven’t you ever had an experience where your whole world has changed in just a moment? People’s lives change every day with a few simple words...many lives change with those three simple words

What if my issue is not suitable for Changeworks therapy?

This rarely happens but if I genuinely feel I am not the person to help you, we could help you find someone who can or start off with one of the other therapists in the Changework team.  Sometimes when we are not ready to talk, sometimes we start clients on a 'body level' first: Chiropractic, reflexology, massage, Nutrition or Cranial Sacral therapy can be excellent for releasing stress from the body without having to put 'words on it.'

If Aisling can't help you she will know someone who can.


What kind of issues do people contact with?

Ok well lets give you a run down...basically anything that puts up stress levels and creates that fight or flight tension in the body for example we have seen people this past year for:

a man making a speech for his daughters wedding who is terrified of public speaking, a student who always is afraid to say an answer, a mother who is having anxiety since a very traumatic birth, a 22 year old who gets so stressed  about how she looks, a 30 year old who is having digestive problems that she knows is stress related, a woman who gets scared thinking about holidays, a man who has difficulty eating different foods...and many more.


Do you work with people on medication?

This is judged by a case by case basis. We prefer to work with people free from anti-depressants as it affects the quality of the sessions.  However a huge amount of adults (and young people) are on commonly prescribed SSRI anti-depressants and we decide when we meet you if we will work with you or not.   We do not work with people on Lithium or other stronger psychiatric medication.

Changeworks Therapy is not a replacement for psychiatric or medical care.  At your first session or over the phone you will be asked about any medical conditions or medication you are taking.  If you are under a Doctors care you must continue to follow the advice of your medical practitioner and in very particular cases we may ask for approval before proceeding.