Comfort & Emotional eating Programme

I just feel obsessed with food, I have tried every diet under the sun and none of them seem to work...

Ready to try something different? Learn how to change your relationship with food.

At Changeworks we won't even discuss food or diets until you are in a good place emotionally, as that is half the battle.  That might involve releasing stress that is holding you back, or building up your confidence in how you look.

We used to think that weight loss was an simple thing to achieve...and it can be, but any diet will help you lose weight.  We are only interested in losing weight if it stays off.  Anything else is a waste of time.  It took us time to get things right,  but now we have a powerful system for changing our relationship with food and ensuring that yo-yo diets, binges and useless food restriction are a thing of the past.

If you only like the idea of sustainable change and are done with yo-yo dieting then you have come to the right place.

Aisling works with clients who have a disordered relationship with food, this could be bulimia, anxiety around certain foods (food phobias) weight loss or people who comfort eat.  We also see people who are overly obsessed with diet and weight loss (orthorexia) which is a growing issue among young people.

help to stop comfort eating

Step 1

Root causes

How can I stop comfort eating? Is the question we get asked most frequently.  Everyone is an emotional eater- food is supposed to be liked and enjoyed! As we see it- in some people those links and associations are much stronger due to life events.  In the consultation we look at your life as a whole, see what stressors (if any) are causing you to have strong feelings about certain foods.  We will find out why you want to change and what you will gain by doing so.

We assess diet, but do not make any lifestyle change until you are in the right place emotionally to do it.

help to stop comfort eating

Step 2

Whats happening now?

It can be extremely useful to help release the past feelings and associations around food....but after this is done, what next? 

Crucial in maintaining any change is to make sense of the behaviour patterns that hold us back from maintaining a change.  Feelings such as guilt about food, black and white thinking, too high expectations of weight loss or a lack of confidence can greatly undermine peoples efforts.  We can help you recognise and change those patterns and find your own best solutions.

help to stop comfort eating

Step 3

Eating for Health

Aisling is a Qualified in Human Nutition and understands the process of weight loss is an Emotional and also a Biological one.  It is essential that blood sugars are balanced in order for you to begin to lose weight.   We fundamentally disagree with current public health education that weight loss is about cutting calories and eating less.  It is about eating better.  For sustainable weight loss without food restriction Aisling advocates the principals and understanding of the Harcombe Diet (High Fat Lower Carb). For clients who need extra support or to radically change their diet or understanding of food then they will be offered to attend Nutritional Therapist Claire Clerkin.

This wonderful body is the only one you ever get. Are you really going to spend a lifetime hating it and hating yourself? You cannot punish your body into losing weight, that is a recipe for unhappiness.
— Aisling Cowan, Changeworks