'Stressed out' Teens

How can we help our young people be confident and happy?

Life seems more complicated today than ever.  At Changeworks therapy we are seeing increasing amounts of young people who  are feeling, worried, stressed and anxious.  Whereas in older generations anxiety is usually strongly linked to clear past events and life-difficulties, in younger people we see it is the impacts of modern society that is maintaining and causing pressure on our young people.  

They have to look good, be beautiful, be smart, get good results, stay slim AND do all this while maintaining constant contact through social media...

We help young people build up their self-confidence to stay resilient in a changing world.

I just feel stressed and worried all the time, mums always telling me to ‘cheer up’ but it just doesnt seem to make a difference...

It is challenging for parents...


You have known their child since they were born, and of course you only ever want the best for them.  It can be very frustrating to see a young person start to change in their teens, this can create difficult situations in the household which can make emotions run even higher.  At Changeworks we look at the situation as a whole. Rather than the young person being 'the problem' sometimes for the best results we will work with the parents too to change the dynamic of those relationships and allow everyone to move forward together. 


Exam Stress

With so much emphasis on grades, marks and passing or failing from a very young age means that many high achieving young people often doubt themselves that they will do 'well enough'.  This stops them from being able to use the knowledge that they already have and can mean that it effects them when under exam pressure or when going for interviews.  At Changeworks we know how to work with young people to understand their own minds better.  We teach them how to release stored up worries and how to stay change the habit of getting anxious before exams.

Social Anxiety / Bullying


With this huge emphasis on skin deep beauty, many of our young people are feeling stressed and anxious about how they look and about what other people think of them.  While this something that has been around a long time, in these past 10 years levels of anxiety and depression in young people are sky rocketing. Social media such as Facebook, Instragram, selfies and constant communication. means steady reminder that someone is is smarter, better and more beautiful than you.  We help build up young people to connect back in with the world around them, trust their own judgement and find their inner beauty.

We also help young people that have been bullied and who need help building back up their confidence again.

What would you rather be doing that would allow you to forget to check your phone?
— Aisling Cowan