Case Studies

To give a greater understanding around the type of people we help, here is a short synopsis of some clients who have come to see Aisling in the past 3 years.  Names and exact circumstances have been varied to protect identities.



Self esteem & Bulimia

Sarah had had a wonderful upbringing with a loving strong mother, her dad left when she was very young.  Despite working so hard on herself, she got into a cycle of low confidence due to her weight that seemed to fluctuate depending on how she was feeling which affected her comfort eating.  This eventually became the horrible cycle of bulimia and when she came to us, she didn't know what to do.  

Although it took more than just core sessions, Aisling used hypnotherapy to help sarah release the stored up stress that meant she used food as a comfort.  Using NLP she learned how to change old triggers and how to get back in control of her thoughts.  We build up her confidence to feel bigger than the condition and to feel strong enough to get back in control.  Sarah is about to head off to England for a new job and we wish her the very best of luck!



Public speaking fear

Ciaran contacted us with what we would see as a very straightforward issue, his daughter was getting married and he had to make a speech at her wedding.  Every time he thought about doing it, it just seemed to spoil his day and he was doubting himself if he would be capable of overcoming his nerves and standing up in front of everyone.  

Aisling used NLP to help him become aware of what exactly he was focusing on that was causing his body to feel nervous and to help him to gather resources and abilities that he already had to bring into this unfamiliar situation.  He achieved this within 2 therapeutic sessions and was delighted with himself! Next time he had a job interview, he came for a session to prepare and ensure he went into it feeling confident.



Emotional Eating programme

Anne was a fantastic nurse with a busy day, she was always busy looking after everyone else she would sometimes forget about herself.  All was well in her life apart from one issue: she found she was obsessed by food: a self-diagnosed 'food addict' who snacked continually.  Over the years she gained weight until she was 19 stone, sitting on the edge of type 2 diabetes and needing to do something about it.  

In a case like this, we review everything, lifestyle, diet, medications and background.  We know the right questions to ask and leave no stone unturned.  We helped Anne to understand her relationship with food- where it developed and what the root causes where of these very strong connections with food.  We then helped her to take her power back and realise what she could do to interrupt the cycle of weight loss and regain that she had been stuck in most of her life.  Anne is in a great place now, had her 60th birthday in April, losing weight steadily and knows what to do when shes not.  We keep in contact over the phone and if she needs any input or advice we are only a text away.