At Changeworks we have a fundamental belief; truly effective Therapy needs to be much more than talking about the past.  



We offer an individual confidence building programme for people who wish to make change in their life, but don't know how!  

It is a 3 - 5 session programme, depending on the needs of the client.

Who is it designed for?

Like the HR manager who one day was afraid to make a speech, like the person going for that promotion who really wants to do well, or the woman bullied at work who is getting ready to go back, the person with a big presentation coming up who wants to enhance their skills...or the man who felt like he just didn't have anything to say to his friends,  the teenager who over worries about how she looks...

How would you be as a person if this was no longer an issue in your life?

Changeworks Confidence Building Programme


anxiety and social anxiety

Root causes

1-2 sessons

While it can be very useful to understand where old emotional patterns like stress and low confidence have come from,  knowing this alone is not enough to create, change and build new neural pathways within the brain.  Just like if you took up a new sport, the movement would cause your muscles to change and develop and grow.  Your brain is just like a muscle, and it can change when you ask new things of it.  

We help your clear out old emotional baggage that is holding you back, and help you make sense of what you are feeling.  

public speaking fear

Dealing with Now

1-2 sessions

As you release what was holding you back.  Now we look at the thought patterns, self talk and self image that will help you feel different in different situations.

Old habits and old emotional reactions can be unlearned.  We know that effective change is one that is based on solutions, on building new positive emotions in old situations and in finding new ways of looking at the world around you.  We teach you NLP techniques and show you how to train your mind to focus on what will make you feel better, rather than worse.

confidence building

Future feelings...

Imagine what might be possible if you just stopped worrying about it?

We help you build up a 'blueprint for change' and help you experience future events feeling happier and more confident.  We show you how to become your own Mindcoach to let go of feelings in the moment so you don't ever get a build up of stress again.  So you can look out into the future and know that no matter what life throws at you, you have the confidence and resilience to deal with it.

It takes 6-8 weeks to build an entirely new neural pathway in the nervous system...but change can also happen just in a moment!
— Aisling Cowan