Youth Mindfulness for P6 & P7 kids


Youth Mindfulness for P6 & P7 kids


Aisling is now fully trained in delivery of the Youth Mindfulness programme and will be available to deliver in local Belfast schools. This course would be particularly useful for children in P6-P7 who are dealing with testing for entrance into secondary school and also for creating resilience for when they make the transition to ‘big school’ a challenging time for many young people!

The Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme consists of 16 lessons (two lessons per week). Each lesson is 1 hour long and packed full of inspiring videos, games, and kinaesthetic activities, bringing mindfulness to life in a way that is fun, relevant and engaging.

Each lesson includes mindful sitting, lying and movement practices as well as continual feedback – a powerful way of exploring experience in classroom discussion.

The Youth Mindfulness Kids Programme is an in-depth foundation in mindfulness enabling children to:

*have a deeper sense of self

*build their emotional intelligence

*become better learners

*handle difficult situations

*building kindness and understanding for others

We understand that, outcomes are better if we can bring the staff on board as well as the young people! To have an understanding of what emotional intelligence and mindfulness is Aisling also offers a 2 hour workshop specifically for teaching staff to help them have a greater understanding of this area. This can be delivered on a staff training day, preferably before the 8 weeks begin.

Please get in touch with Aisling to find out more around costs and times.

Mobile: 07866929487

or call clinic on: 02890641111

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