I know I could help that child...

How does Birth affect my baby- (lastone).jpg
How does Birth affect my baby- (lastone).jpg

I know I could help that child...


As requested by many professionals, we are delighted to be offering this interactive practical workshop for Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Midwives and Therapists who work with babies and younger children.

Holistic Chiropractor and Pre & Perinatal Educator, ANNE MATTHEWS will be joined by MindCoach, AISLING COWAN as they present #1 of a unique set of interactive workshops. These are evidence based workshops from the latest research in neuroscience. They will assist you in reading the non verbal cues and to learn techniques in how to engage at the right moment with both baby and mum for the optimum therapeutic releasing experience.

LEARN - to read the subtelties of Baby Body Language
DEVELOP - your empathetic listening skills
BUILD - deep trust and rapport with parents and babies for authentic permission-based practice
EXPAND -your therapy-skill set in your paediatric practice from a pre and peri-natal trauma resolution perspective.

This will help you as a professional to continuously orientate yourself as to where the baby/mum's emotional needs need to be met and understood in that exact moment. This will help you to have a greater pre and perinatal understanding to equip you to answer the questions that parents will ask - e.g.
Why do babies cry?
Why can they be so unsettled?
Can birth trauma be healed?
Why is my child clumsy, anxious, nervous?
How does birth impact on my baby?

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This workshop takes place in Bristol on the 8th September 

Booking available through bookwhen.com